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"Chicago's Got Cantonese Talent"

Award-winning movies’ theme songs composed by Teddy Robin Kwan


As a capstone to Season IV of Asian Pop-Up Cinema, we are presenting a major icon, Teddy Robin Kwan, from Hong Kong with a Lifetime Achievement Award—one of the most celebrated entertainment performers whose legendary career as a director/actor/singer/songwriter/record producer goes back decades. As part of this all-in-one musical and cultural experience, where the craft of music composition meets the renowned classics of Hong Kong cinema, we are hosting a Cantonese Pop Song singing contest with award-winning movies-theme songs written by Teddy.  

If you have a passion for singing and entertaining an audience, then this unique opportunity is for you! We are looking for energetic talented pop singers in the Chicagoland area who want to win $500 and perform live with the nationally acclaimed Fulcrum Point New Music Project at APUC Award Night (May 11th, 2017),  you will perform live, meet and receive the cash prize check from Teddy himself. 

The three songs chosen for the singing contest are listed below including samples of the songs and the movies:

1) Theme song of “Cops and Robbers” (㸃指兵兵

Film synopsis:  In a time where corruption runs rampant through the streets, Sergeant “Dirty Happy” successfully puts away a gang of criminals, only to be faced with the leader’s escape and plan of vengeance carried out against the police and their families.

Song Sample:

2) Theme song of “City on Fire” (嘥氣)

Film synopsis:  After an undercover cop is killed on the job, fellow officer Ko Chow is assigned to the position in order to apprehend the gang that was responsible. However, he finds himself befriending the leader and as an effect of being close to the gang, his own kind pursues after him unknowing that he is undercover. 

Song Sample:

3) Theme song of “Till Death Do We Scare” (小生怕怕)

Film synopsis: In this mischievous horror-comedy film, the ghosts of an unlucky Irene’s three dead husbands try to get her to fall in love with a radio personality, which results in spooks and slapstick adventure for all involved.

Song Sample:

Contest Details:

  • Free Entry.
  • Open to both men and women between 16-40 years of age.
  • Choose 1 out of the 3 following song choices to perform and video record;
    • Theme song of “Cops and Robbers” (㸃指兵兵)
    • Theme song of “City on Fire” (嘥氣)
    • Theme song of “Till Death Do We Scare” (小生怕怕)
  • Please click here to register first if you are interested to enter.  You will then receive your contestant no. and the MIDI accompaniment & lyrics / phonetic pronunciation of the songs links within 24 hours.  
  • Deadline for entering the contest is April 1st.
  • TO ENTER THE CONTEST: please record a live, unedited performance (with piano or MIDI accompaniment) of your chosen song and upload to YouTube by April 1st.  Then click here to submit with your unlisted YouTube link accompanied with the contestant no. that you have received.  
  • Nine finalists (3 finalists for each song) will be selected and notified on April 7th to compete before a professional jury of judges on April 18th at the School of Music & Theater, University of Illinois at Chicago. (We will advise you the exact room # separately.)  
  • Three winners will each receive $500 as the cash prize with two public performances opportunities:
  • a)  to perform at Chicago International Movies & Music Film Festival (CIMMFest) on April 21st, and
  • b) on May 11th at the Award Night hosted by APUC.  (Both performances will be accompanied by Fulcrum Point New Music Project).
  • Besides, the three winners will each receive 4 complimentary tickets for their families and guests to attend the VIP Reception and the live performances on APUC’s Award Night.  (This Singing Contest and the subsequent Award Night is supported in part by Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, NY).  
  • For questions, contact Coordinator of the Singing Contest Meggy Huynh at

Below are the three images from the three films mentioned above.

We thank our partners & sponsor for their support in this unique "Hong Kong Meets America" search!