Due to popular demand, we are bringing the following title back from Season IV to have an exclusive screening at the newly restored Cinemas10 at Lawndale.  More info about the showtime would be announced soon.  Please stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 21, 7:00 PM @ AMC River East 21. Suitable for all ages.
Directed by:  Steve Chan Chi-fat
Starring:  Liu Kai-chi, Lam Yiu-sing, Tony Wu and Hedwig Tam
Hong Kong | 2016 | 92 min | DCP | Cantonese w/subtitles

Director Steve Chan Chi-fat in attendance.  

Weeds on Fire is an energetic little picture inspired by the true 1980s story of the city’s first Chinese youth baseball team.  Back then like it is now, baseball was a fringe activity in Hong Kong, as the film makes clear in opening scenes when principal Lo (Liu Kai-chi) seeks funds to start a team at his school in the Sha Tin District. Weeds on Fire delivers a crowd-pleasing tale of plucky underdogs, complete with entertaining training scenes and players striving to triumph against the odds.  The team’s field of dreams is merely a weed-ridden covered reservoir, but on it the filmmaker captures games with great energy and accompanies them with a rousing score.  Also, Weeds on Fire is the first finished work to come out of the government-run First Feature Film Initiative.  Chan’s project was selected in late 2013, winning funding of US$260,000 to fully cover film production and sales. (Excerpt from Tim Youngs, Udine Far East Film Festival 18 catalog)

Presented in association with Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in New York under the HONG KONG, WE REMEMBER special segment featuring Hong Kong films that are noteworthy for their Hong Kong historical and cultural references.

Read Director's BIO here.

Interview with director by Hollywoodchicago.com 9/21/16

Tickets are $15 G.A./$13 Seniors/$8 Students/$7 for purchase of group of 10 or above.