Ann Hui On-wah, MBE (traditional Chinese: 許鞍華; simplified Chinese: 许鞍华; pinyin: Xǔ Ānhuá; Hepburn: Kyo Anka; born 23 May 1947 to a Chinese father and a Japanese mother‪[1][2]‬) is a Hong Kong actress, film director, film producer and occasional screenwriter, one of the most critically acclaimed amongst the Hong Kong New Wave. She is best known for her controversial films surrounding the topics of social issues in Hong Kong. (Wikipedia)


1980 The Spooky Bunch

1981 The Story of Woo Viet

1981 Boat People

1984 Love in a Fallen City

1986 The Romance of Book and Sword

1987 Princess Fragrance

1988 Starry is the Night

1990 Song of the Exile

1990 The Swordsman

1990 My American Grandson

1991 Zodiac Killers

1993 Boy and His Hero

1995 Summer Snow

1996 The Stunt Woman

1997 Eighteen Springs

1997 As Time Goes By

1999 Ordinary Heroes

2001 Visible Secret

2002 July Rhapsody

2003 Jade Goddess of Mercy

2006 The Postmodern Life of My Aunt

2008 The Way We Are

2009 Night and Fog

2010 All About Love

2011 A Simple Life

2012 Beautiful 2012

2014 The Golden Era