Congratulations to Japanese director Hideki Takeuchi and his amazing film FLY ME TO THE SAITAMA! Wish more audiences in the world have the chance to view and enjoy this movie!

Evidenced by more than 3,000 combined in attendance, Asian Pop-Up Cinema has fulfilled its mission to provide a successful platform showcasing Asian cultures via films and the talents.  We wouldn't have done it without your continuing support and look forward to seeing you at the movies in the future seasons with more talents from Asia.  

We will resume Season Nine with a new slate of films specially curated for you running from September 10 to October 10, 2019.  Please stay tuned for our Fall Pop-Up line up mid August!!!! 

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May 3, 2019 

Past Winners of Audience Choice Awards

Season One:  Hong Kong - "A SIMPLE LIFE" and Korea - "COLD EYES" 

Season Two: Japan - "I AM A MONK" by Yukinori Makabe

Season Three:  Japan - "ROUND TRIP HEART" by Yuki Tanada

Season Four:  Japan - "SURVIVAL FAMILY" by Shinobu Yaguchi

Season Five: Thailand - "BAD GENIUS" by Nattawut 'Baz' Poonpiriya

Season Six: Hong Kong - “Tomorrow Is Another Day” by Chan Tai-lee; and Taiwan “The Great Buddha+” by Huang Hsin-yao

Season Seven: Japan - “One Cut of the Dead” by Shinichiro Ueda