Wednesday, Oct 9, 2019, 7 PM @ AMC River East 21 sponsored by the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, New York

DECEPTION OF THE NOVELIST (作家的謊言-筆忠誘罪) North-America Premiere

Introduction and Q&A with Director Christopher Sun and Producer/Lead Actor Justin Cheung 

Hong Kong| 2019 | 90 Minutes | DCP | In Cantonese w/English & Chinese subtitles 

Genre: Crime/Thriller 

Director: Christopher Sun

Starring: Justin Cheung, Jeana Ho, Linah Matsuoka

Film Source: China 3D Digital Distribution Ltd., Hong Kong 

Tsui is renowned as an excellent healing author as well as a young successful man. His pieces are called "Chicken Soup for the Soul" for soothing many readers' soul and spirit. The public image of Tsui is a kindhearted family man who loves his wife deeply, though, he has inherited his wealth from his father. Since a trendy and charming lady, Elaine, had moved to live in the upper floor flat of Tsui's apartment, Tsui was facing a great impact on his calm and dull life. 

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We thank the generous sponsorship from the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in New York for this N. American premiere in Chicago !