Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday

"Okita's cast are unknowns, with little or no acting experience. Even so, they naturally and forcefully embody the truth that women of a certain age, who tend to become invisible to society, have personalities, strengths and importance. As a film, Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday may be in a minor key, but as a feminist manifesto, it rings out loud and clear." Excerpt from Mark Shilling's review (Variety)

"A big plus are the visual os veteran d.p. Ashizawa Akiko, who shot Kurosawa Kiyoshi's Loft (2005), Tokyo Sonata (2008) and Penance (2012), as well as Okita's Antarctica-set food movie The Chef of South Polar (2009).  Her camera creates a beautifully textured background, full of autumnal hues, often repetitive action of the women walking hither and thither in the forest.  Occasional use of chamber music by Mozart and Schubert also helps to perk things up, and the running time is admirably tight." "The original Japanese (title), which roughly means Going to See the Waterfall, better describes the modest content." - Excerpt from Derek Elley' review (film