Wednesday, April 4, 7:00 PM @ AMC River East 21

A FISH OUT OF WATER (上岸的鱼) - Midwest Premiere

Director: Lai Kuo-an

Starring: Junto Pai, Zheng Ren-shuo, and Peggy Tseng

Film Source: Swallow Wings Films, Rediron Films, Charades

Taiwan | 2017 | 90 Minutes | in Mandarin w/English subs | Genre: Family/Kids

Synopsis: Yian, starting to go to kindergarten, often asks his parents to help him find his past life parents. However, doctors and his parents just think it might be psychosis with him. Meanwhile, his parents are under negotiation for a separation. His mom Yaji decides to move out with him while his dad Hao-teng decides to look after Yian's ill grandfather. Since his parents are busy with their current life, Yian leaves his wish to his grandfather, however, it failed again with the death of his grandfather.

After the funeral, Yaji and Hao-teng tried to reconcile again and help Yian find his past parents. Will Yian find the real parents in his past life? Is it all true? What will the journey influence this family?

Director's BIO

Festivals & Accolades (2017):

Toronto International Film Festival - Discovery

San Sebastien International Film Festival - New Director Competition

San Diego Asian Film Festival; Asia Pacific Screen Awards in Competition

Filmfest Hamburg