Sunday, September 25, 2:00 PM @ Wilmette Theatre
Directed by: Ralston Jover
Starring: Teri Malvar, Zaijan Jaranilla, Samuel Quintana ad Bon Lentejas
Philippines | 2015 | 92 min | DCP | Tagalog w/subtitles. 

Ralston Jover, the director of the critically acclaimed Bakal Boys and Brillante Mendoza’s former screenwriter, delivers an empowering, thrilling and impassioned tale of a gang of street kids: Rashid (Zaijian Jaranilla), Jinky (Teri Malvar), Tisoy (Sam Quintana) and Moy (Bon Lentejas).  Unexpected events in their daily routine of crime and survival in the busy streets of Manila lead to dramatic changes for all of them. Performed by four talented young actors, with Teri Malvar’s fierce performance winning the Screen International Rising Star Award at the 15th New York Asian Film Festival and the Best Actress Award at the 38th Moscow International Film Festival in June of 2016.  Besides winning the Outstanding Artistic Achievement Awards from the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival, the Director also won the Russian Film Critics’ Jury for the Best Film award.

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Tickets are $7-$10 and will be available for sale via www.wilmettetheatre.com