As part of community engagement efforts, Asian Pop-Up Cinema is proud to bring I AM A MONK back under Season V.  This film also won our Season II Audience Choice Award.  Admissions Free.  RSVP IN ADVANCE IS REQUIRED.  

I AM A MONK (ボクは坊さん。)

Sunday, Oct 29, 1 PM (One Showtime only)

at new venue:  JAPAN INFORMATION CENTER 737 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60611.  (updated from the Midwest Buddhist Temple previously announced.)  

Directed by:  Yukinori Makabe

Starring:  Atsushi Ito, Mizuki Yamamoto and Junpei Mizobata

Film Source:  Pony Canyon Japan

Japan |  2015 |  99 mininutes | Japanese w/English subs | Genre:  Drama/Comedy

Synopsis: When Susumu inherits the mantle of abbot at a Buddhist temple after his grandfather dies, he has a hard time living up to his community’s expectations.  Anxiety and doubt often comes into life.  This is a story of a young man at 24 year-old becoming an abbot, and the journey thereafter of finding his way.  A film adaptation of a book about the real life experiences of an abbot at Eifukuji Temple, we follow Koen quitting his job at a bookstore and goes to become a monk when his grandfather dies….

Here is a link about the Eifuku-ji Temple and its lovely local scenery - shooting location of the I AM A MONK.  

 Director Bio

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Sharing below photos taken from the photographers of  who visited the shooting location of I AM A MONK. The first photo is Missei Shirakawathe, author of the essay "Boku wa Bosan" that the movie I AM A MONK is based upon.  Please click here for full article.