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"Part comedy, part drama, I Am A Monk is a fantastic piece of film. Riotously funny in parts and devastatingly sad in others, it is one of those rare movies that will make audiences feel both enlightened and entertained after viewing – a fine piece of work."

"At times light-hearted and other times serious, this heart-warming film provides a rare look inside the everyday lives of Japanese monks."

The Japanese Film Festival

This is a frank and honest coming-of-age story about a young man who gradually finds meaning in a profession that he had expected to abandon. I am a Monk is optimistic and cheerful, punctuated by tragedies that serve as reminders of reality for the audience

The Japan Times

" (“I Am a Monk”), Yukinori Makabe’s revealing film is a heartfelt shout-out to Japanese monkdom. Its worthy aim is to humanize what is an exotic and somewhat off-putting breed for many ordinary Japanese. " 

"I Am A Monk" is a rewording of the classic coming-of-age story, a coming-of-monk story."