Directed by:  Herman Yau Lai-to
Starring: Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang, Jordan Chan, Queenie Chu
Film Source:  Well Go USA
Hong Kong, 2013, 102 min, Cantonese w/English Subtitles, Blu-ray
May 20, 2016, 7:40 PM at the Feinberg Auditorium of VenueSix10 as the special feature presentation for the Closing Night Gala:  A Tribute to Herman Yau
Director Herman Yau Lai-to in person

In postwar Hong Kong, legendary Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man is reluctantly called into action once more.  What began as simple challenges from rival kung fu schools soon finds him drawn into the dark and dangerous underworld of the Triads.  Now, to defend life and honor, Ip Man has no choice but to fight - one last time.

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