Lost and Love

"China's widespread child-abduction problem is the compelling starting point for Lost and Love, a road movie that offers lyrical observations of the country's rural and grassroots landscape.  Mindfully helmed and written by Peng San-yuan, the film features Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau and promising mainland these Jing Bo-ran as an engagingly simpatico duo in search of their missing loved ones.  Although it soft-pedals the dire situation of human trafficking in China, the result provides poignant insight into the victims' psychological scars."  "Jing, outshines the rest of the cast by not sweating it, limning small-town insouciance while hinting at deep emotional scars." "Craft contributions are accomplished, in particular Mark Lee Ping-bin's arresting widescreen lensing, which has the following effect of a Chinese scroll painting unfolding in leisurely fashion.  The soiled, dull color palette of urban towns contrasts boldly with the radiant, impeccably composed rural scenery.  Angie Lam's editing, so smooth it's virtually transparent, brings lucidity to the layered narrative.  The Chinese title literally translates as "Lost Orphan," but according to Peng, it also puns on the word "lonely," alluding to how the government's one-child policy renders such losses irreplaceable while creating market demand for boys."- Excerpt from Maggie Sama's review (Variety.com)