Zinnia Flower Reviews
Taipei Times
“The film eschews elegiac cliches, but doesn’t evade pain and heartache. It tugs at the heartstrings with honesty, tenderness and intimacy.”
South China Morning Post
“By leaving the histrionics aside and avoiding a didactic approach, Lin candidly chronicles the most painful hours of acceptance for his bereaved protagonists while revealing a deep-rooted compassion for them.” 
 Time Out Hong Kong
“It’s a beautiful thing when movies tell the truth eloquently. Zinnia Flower presents the grieving process as sharp and raw, with little chatter or fidgeting. It is quietly documented in a mostly airtight storytelling experience, giving the film a sincerity few of its contemporaries manage to achieve.”
Screen Daily
(This is not a review, but a very good interview with Tom Shu-Yu Lin)
 “We don’t talk about death in Taiwan – you’re only given a week off work when you lose a spouse – but when I showed people the script, they would start to share their own stories about loss and grieving. We’ve also found that this happened at the Q&A sessions in Taipei and here in Busan. I hope this film can become a gateway for people to open up.”