Reviews for OFFICE


“A sparkling, visually inventive romp through the executive suites of a Chinese financial company immediately before and after the 2008 global financial crisis.”

“This boardroom tuner charmingly mines humor, romance and no shortage of eccentric lyrics from the world of spreadsheets and stock portfolios, but its real achievement is a formal and conceptual one, conjuring a tongue-in-cheek vision of modern capitalism in splendidly Brechtian terms.”

The New York Times

“One of the best-directed movies that you can see in New York right now.”

“If Mr. To were an American, his name would fall from lips as easily as Martin Scorsese’s.”

Roger Ebert

“ It makes something as dire as a financial crisis seem like a natural subject for a modern musical.”

“We watch characters pouring their hearts out, and every time they do, they look like they're declaring their intentions to no one but themselves, even when they're singing with each other.”

Film Journal

“Challenging and ambitious, Office is also a lot of fun—a sly, cynical account of corporate intrigue pushed over by an outstanding cast.”

“Office is one of the most unusual, and in its own way rewarding, releases of the year.”