Okita Shuichi

Born in Aichi Prefecture (Saitama)  in 1977, he directed his first feature-length film, This Wonderful World in 2006. In 2009 he made his commercial debut with The Chef of South Polar that enjoyed both domestic and international acclaim.  His 2011 follow-up is the comedy The Woodsman and the Rain. The film won the Special Jury Prize at the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival and won triple honors at Dubai International Film Festival with Best Actor, Best Editor and Best Scriptwriter awards.  He followed up with A Story of Yonosuke (2013), a drama about a determined country bumpkin who comes to Tokyo and wins his way into the hearts and memories of his more sophisticated peers. The film was widely screened abroad including Nippon Connection Film Festival in Frankfurt, and had its International Festival Premiere at Udine FEFF.  Prior to his feature film career, Okita shot short movies, including Sharing a Hotpot in 2002, winning the 7th Mito Short Film Festival Grand Prix, and also wrote and directed TV Dramas.  Okie graduated from Nihon University, College of Art, Department of Cinema.  

Director's Statement about Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday:

My objective in making this movie was first to entertain myself.  I auditioned many actresses at an open casting call, and as acting experience wasn't required, we have non-actors in the cast.  I wanted to make a movie that reflected and enhanced their personalities.  Just like the characters they were portraying, the cast members were removed from their real lives to deal with the unknown.  I think the movie camera captured it all.

More about Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday (In Japanese only) 


2009 - Chef of South Polar

2011 - The Woodsman and the Rain

2013 - A Story of Yonosuke

2014 - Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday