Wednesday, October 11, 7:00 PM @ AMC River East 21


(This particular screening is presented in collaboration with International Women Associates as part of their 2018 China-themed Pre-Gala program).  

Guest speaker:  Simon Abrams, film critic at

Director: Ann Hui

Starring: Zhou Xun, Eddie Peng Yuyan, Deanie Ip, Wallace Huo Chienhwa, Tony Leung

Original Music Score: Joe Hisaishi

Film Source: China Lion Film Distribution

Hong Kong | 2017 | 130 Minutes | In Mandarin/Japanese w/ English subs | Genre: Drama

ARTISTIC CHOICE MADE FOR YOUR INFO:  While the film was set in Hong Kong and the local dialogues are Cantonese and not Mandarin, we are showing the Mandarin version of the film.  This decision is made based on a) majority of audiences in Chicago are more familiar with Mandarin; b) the two lead actors of the film are originally from mainland China and do not speak Cantonese well.  All the Hong Kong based cast are however fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin.  Therefore instead of showing the film with actors' voices dubbed we are showing the film in Mandarin so that all the actors' performances are not compromised.  

(The film will be shown starting October 13 (Friday) for an extended run at the Wilmette Theatre. Please click here for updated showtimes and tickets sales info.)

Synopsis: Our Time Will Come portrays a chapter in the history of Hong Kong’s wartime era that has never been told in film. Tracing the story of the famous Dong-jiang guerilla unit, the film vividly brings 1940s Hong Kong back to life as a result of intricate and detailed research by director Ann Hui and her production team. Every historical detail was studied to accurately recreate the world occupied by real-life heroes Fang Lan, played by Zhou Xun and Blackie Lau, by Eddie Peng. 

"...Our Time Will Come serves as a classic Casablanca-style wartime drama..."
- Fionnuala Halligan, Screen International

"...a beautifully mounted and emotionally engaging piece."
- Clarence Tsui, The Hollywood Reporter

"By highlighting the value of artists and intellectuals, and the importance of protecting them, she imbues the authentic historical episode with timely universal relevance."

- Maggie Lee, Variety

"Our Time Will Come is a subtle, moving study of Hong Kong's WWII resistance movement" 

- Ben Sachs,