Tuesday, March 19, 7:00 PM @ AMC River East 21

OUT OF PARADISE | North American Premiere

Introduction and Q&A with Director Batbayar CHOGSOM

Mongolia/Switzerland | 2018 | 98 Minutes | DCP

In Mongolian w/English subtitles 

Genre: Drama

Director: Batbayar CHOGSOM

Starring: Bayarsaikhan BAYARTSENGEL and Oyun-Erdene JAMIYAN

Film Source: Film Republic, U.K.

Dorj and his heavily pregnant wife Suren live a nomadic life on the Mongolian steppe. When the local doctor advises Suren to have a caesarean section, the couple embark on a grueling journey to the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. When they reach the hospital, they find they are unable to cover the medical fees which sets off a series of unexpected and harrowing situations which test their mutual trust and love for each other. As Suren goes into labor, Dorj, desperate and lost in the sprawling city, fights for his own survival.

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