This is a passed event. Enjoy the photos gallery. (Photo credits: APUC Festival photographer: Dan Hannula)

Tuesday, April 16, 7:00 PM @ AMC River East 21


INTRODUCTION and Q&A with director Deok-jae JEONGHUH (for the last story of the film)

South Korea | 2018 | 113 Minutes | DCP

In Korean w/ English subtitles 

Genre: Drama 

Director: Deok-jae JEONGHUH, Jang-ha RYU, Chang-mo YOON and Jong-hyeon YANG

Starring: Sun-Hee HWANG, PARK Ji-Yeon and Han-chul JO

Film Source: M-Line Distribution, Seoul

Four dramatic and moving stories take place at the Pension: parents coping with their daughter’s death; a husband and wife hoping to rekindle their marriage; a woman who insists on staying in a particular room; and the substitute manager of the Pension inviting his girlfriend over for the evening.

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