We closed Season III with a full house premiering ROUND TRIP HEART.  Director Yuki Tanada also brought the first snow to Chicago!  Check out the highlight video shot & edited by Carrie Graham; and our gallery of the evening including her meetings with the various reporters during the early part of the day (photo credits:  Anna Munzesheimer).  


Closing Night Film:  

Sunday, December 4, 4:00 PM @ Wilmette Theatre followed by Closing Night Reception.  
Directed by:  Yuki Tanada, who will be in attendance for Intro and Q & A.  
Starring:  Oshima Yuko and Okura Koji
Japan | 2015 | 97 min | DCP | Japanese w/subtitles

Asian Pop-Up Cinema Season III will close with Round Trip Heart, by Japanese director Yuki Tanada, a romantic comedy between a food and drinks cart pusher (starring Oshima Yuko) working on the Odakyu Romance car and a shoplifter (starring Okura Koji) who turns out to be a failed movie producer. 

Director Tanada, who last filmed her own screenplay for the charming 2008 road movie One Million Yen Girl, will test audience sympathy with a sudden shift of focus between our heroine, the cart pusher and the loser movie producer.  We are very honored to host a female director - a first for Asian Pop-Up Cinema  - who will join us for the film presentation, post-screening discussion, and closing night festivities.  Read Director's BIO here.  

Please join us to celebrate the end of another successful season!

Click below interview & review articles about director Yuki Tanada and ROUND TRIP HEART.






Tickets are to include the post-screening conversation with the director by our moderator Prof. Ron Falzone, w/interpreter Prof. Masami Takahashi; and closing night reception with "SOTO" Sake, Wine, freshly rolled sushis from local rollers, and other delicious treats!

General Admission $25 and Seniors/Students at $18 ea.  (Special Twos @$20 each are available in advance sales on line until noon time 12/4/16, )  


Below is the original song sang by the legendary Momoe Yamaguchi 山口百恵 that is featured in ROUND TRIP HEART!