A Simple Life 

"A Simple Life paints portraits of two good people in gentle humanist terms.  It filled me with an unreasonable affection for both of them.  Here is a film with the clarity of fresh stream water, flowing without turmoil to shared destiny.  No plot gimmicks.  No twists and turns. Just a simple life."  "What we understand is that A Simple Life is content to regard these two inward people as they express love and care in their quiet ways.  A movie in which the old lady is forgotten by the family would have been predicable melodrama, but how much more moving it is when she is remembered.  The movie has an emotional payoff I failed to anticipate.  It expresses hope in human nature.  It is one of the year's best films."  - Excerpt from Roger Ebert's review (http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/a-simple-life-2012)

"Director Ann Hui takes a minimalist, clear-eyes approach while steadily revealing how important these two are to each other."  "In its elegant intimacies, Hui's film calls to mind the world of the late Edward Yang." - Excerpt from Mary Pols' review (entertainment.time.com - best movies we missed this year"