The New York Times

“In his enchanting second feature, “Starry Starry Night,” the Taiwanese director Tom Shu-Yu Lin tackles death, divorce, loneliness and first love with the eye of a painter and the heart of a child.”

“Tom Lin paints one of the dearest, warmest and most charming films of the year. Starry Starry Night is a beautiful and imaginative trip into the mind of a 13-year old girl, exploring her world and dealing with her problems. The film has its fair share of memorable scenes and a truly magnificent ending that will keep you comfortably warm during these cold, rainy winter days.”

The New York Daily News

(This review is in conjunction with another film)  “Lin brings in lovely touches of fantasy, using whimsy as enhancement rather than — as is too often the case — a distraction. All the popcorn movies you’re planning to see will still be at the multiplex if you wait another week. This shimmering beauty will be gone in a flash. Catch it while you can.”

Slant Magazine

“In the film’s most touching sequence, Mei dreams that her toy elephant turns alive and life-sized, handicapped by a missing leg but soothed by her nurturing presence—speaking to our need to care for others in addition to being cared for ourselves.”