Sunday, November 13, 2:00 PM @ Wilmette Theatre
Directed by:  Satoko Yokohama
Starring:  Ken Yasuda, Kumiko Aso, Shohei Uno, Hirohumi Arai
Japan | 2016 | 123 min | DCP | Japanese w/subtitles

“Takuji Kameoka has made a career out of masterful performances for the silver screen and he would be a household name – if it weren’t for the fact that his filmography consists entirely of bit parts. As the prospect of a breakout role in a foreign art-house director’s newest work appears, so too does the possibility of winning the heart of izakaya owner Azumi Murota.  In her hotly anticipated follow-up to the breakout Bare Essence of Life, director Satoko Yokohama adapts Akito Inui’s original novel, crafting this quietly darling tribute to the workaday human magic underlying the gleam of cinema.  Ken Yasuda, known for TEAM NACS and many voice performances for Studio Ghibli, is irresistible in the film’s title role, while Yokohama’s regular Kumiko Aso shines just as brightly as the bar owner.”  (Excerpt from Japan Cuts 2016 catalog).  

Read Director's BIO here.

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