Directed by: BAEK Jong-yul also known as BAIK from South Korea

Starring: HAN Hyo-joo, KIM Dae-myeung, DO Ji-han, BAE Seong-woo, PARK Shin-hye, LEE Bum-soo, PARK Seo-jun, KIM Sang-ho, CHUN Woo-hee, UENO Juri, LEE Jae-joon, KIM Min-jae, LEE Hyun-woo, CHO Dal-hwan, LEE Jin-uk, HONG Da-mi, SEO Kang-jun,    KIM Hie-won, LEE Dong-wook, KO Asung, KIM Joo-hyuk, YOO Yeon-seok

Film Source:  Well Go USA

Korea, 2015, 126 min, Korean w/English subtitles, Blu-ray

Wednesday, March 2, 7:30 PM, AMC River East 21


THE BEAUTY INSIDE is based on the social film of a same title produced by Intel and Toshiba in 2012. Consisting six episodes with a total length of 40 minutes, the social film was unique in its story dealing with a man who changes every day and also in its production process. With its catchphrase saying 'a film anyone can play a leading role in,' they released the first episode through Facebook, and re-constructed the next episodes from the uploaded video clips from the users for one week. Thanks to the film's main concept of 'Alex' changing every day, the film even could use some clips from the users. This unique production procedure that everyone can contribute to the narrative building and also anyone can be the leading character, spread rapidly through SNS and won huge enthusiasm among the people.


Boasting its beautiful visuals and unique concepts, THE BEAUTY INSIDE swept major international awards in Cannes and CLIO. This critically acclaimed social film is set for its feature film remake in Korea. The main concept of the film that the hero changes every day stays same as well as heroine's choice when she finds out her lover is to be changed every day but still falls for him despite his secrets. But the feature version would add the cinematic pleasures including detailed settings as the varying situations with different 'Woo-jins,' and an emotional deep dive in to the thoughts of E-soo. With these stories becoming the one big romance, the audiences will be captivated by the strong narrative and by the love story between Woo-jin and E-soo.


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