Wednesday, September 27, 7:00 PM @ AMC River East 21


Director: Derek Hui

Starring:  Zhou Dongyu, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Sun Lizhou, Lin Chiling

Film Source:  Well Go USA Entertainment

Hong Kong | 2017 | 105 Minutes | In Mandarin w/ English subs | Genre: Rom-Com


Synopsis:  This Is Not What I Expected from first-time director Derek Hui, is a delicious romantic comedy starring Takeshi Kaneshiro as an uptight executive who demands perfection from every hotel he visits, and Dongyu Zhou as the ragged sous chef. The hilarious clash of personalities sets into motion the perfect meal. 


the film has its charms, mostly found in the culinary offerings so gorgeously shot they qualify as food porn”, Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter


A romantic comedy that's more haute cuisine than romance may seem counterintuitive, but THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED reaches its happy ending in a gratifyingly roundabout way. Bright, sparkly and light-hearted, it's the equivalent of cinematic comfort food.” Daniel Eagan, Film Journal


“From the sizzling griddle that opens the story to a hallucinogenic trip triggered by blowfish toxin, this engagingly goofy romantic comedy speaks the international language of food.”  Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post

Many thanks to Chef Wook Kang, Assistant Professor and Culinary Instructor of Kendall College joined us for the post-screening Q&A.  (Photo credits: Christina Leung)