Saturday, October 27, 2018, 2:00 PM @ Chinese-American Museum of Chicago
Canada/Vietnam | 2017 | 101 Minutes | Blu Ray DVD
Genre:  Documentary

Director/Cast/Executive Producer:  Thi Vo (Update on 10.3.18 : Thi Vo has just confirmed his attendance in Chicago for this screening!)
Cast/3rd Cameraman/Music Producer: Kaleb Tekeste
Full Cast & Crew:
Film Source:  Double Whammy Studios

Thi Vo was a refugee who escaped from Vietnam with his mother when he was only a baby, escaping war and poverty. After fleeing to Hong Kong, they later immigrated to Canada when Thi Vo was just four years old. Thirty years later, he decides to not only find his extended family, but also to locate his father and uncover the mysteries of his past.

In this emotional, heartfelt feature documentary, Thi Vo and his friends navigate Vietnam as they search for clues about their backgrounds and connect with people who help them along their way.

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