Sunday, October 9, 2:00 PM at Wilmette Theatre. Suitable for all ages.  
Directed by:  Motohiro Katsuyuki
Starring:  Momota Kanako, Tamai Shiori, Sasaki Ayaka, Ariyasu Momoka, Takagi Reni and Kuroki Haru
Japan | 2015 | 119 min | DCP | Japanese w/subtitles. 

“Based on a novel by theater director Hirata Oriza, director Motohiro Katsuyuki focuses on the process of putting on a play including the artistic and personal growth of its young actors as its centerpiece of When The Curtain Rises.  The film goes beyond its ‘let’s put on a play’ story to the more universal theme of doubt to positive action, from aspirations to accomplishments.  The five young leads, are members of the idol group Momoiro Clover Z, and their learning curve as actors overlaps with that of their characters in the film.  Thanks to the director’s choice of using tracking camera views from an objective middle-distance, the young actresses are able to portray normal kids working hard in pursuit of a common goal.  Finally, the cement that holds the story together is Kuroki’s Yoshioka, the new coach of the theatre club.  Only 24 years old at the time of filming, Kuroki had already amassed an impressive list of acting honors, including the Berlin Film Festival’s Silver Bear for Best Actress for her performance in another family drama The Little House.” (Excerpts from Mark Schilling, JAPAN TIMES.)

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