Friday, September 30, 7:30 PM @ Studio A of Joffrey Tower at 10 E Randolph Street
Directed by: Benny Lau
Starring: Wong Yau-nam, Karena Ng, Prudence Lau, Pai Piao, and Gigi Leung Wing-kei
Hong Kong | 2015 | 96 min | Blu-ray | Cantonese w/subtitles

“Wong Ka Yan” is a very popular name in Hong Kong.  Most characters in films were called Wong Ka Yan. During his search for a girl named Wong Ka Yan whom he met only once, Chun-yin, brings life-changing impact to each character by that name and finds new insights into his life. The story is set in Peng Chau in the summer of 1992.  A tranquil small island in Hong Kong with beautiful scenery, audiences will experience the peaceful, simple village life.. Wong Ka Yan is a romantic story about seek and find. Audiences will recall the silly things that we have all done when we were young, which we cherish forever in our memories. (Excerpt from director/writer Benny Lau’s statement.)

Read Director's BIO here.  

Guest Speaker:  

Thomas Wong is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) where he specializes in research and education in electromagnetics. He authored Fundamentals of Distributed Amplification (Artech 1993) and coauthored (with Robert Yang) Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (Higher Education Press, 2006 and 2013). He previously served as Department Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and is a former Chair of the Faculty Council at IIT. A native of Hong Kong, where he received a major portion of his formal education, he worked in the electronics industry in Hong Kong before coming to the United States to pursue graduate study. He maintains a keen interest in the cultural activities in Hong Kong. Prior to the screening, Professor Wong will lead a short presentation entitled: "Memorable scenes of Hong Kong in romantic movies".

A second feature presented under HONG KONG, WE REMEMBER segment courtesy of Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, New York.  (Required RSVP 1 week before screening via email: asianpopupinfo@gmail.com)

Director Benny Lau sent his intro via video for September 21 premiere of WONG KA YAN